Inner City is a bullet hell game where you need avoid the bullets and don't get crushed by the monsters city walls! Avoid and shoot the monsters eye weak point to survive and aim for the highest time.


Move - WASD or Arrow Keys

Aim - Mouse

Shoot - Left Click or Space or Enter

Pause - 1 or P or Escape

Menu/Pause Move -  WASD

Menu/Pause Enter -  Space or Enter


SquidMaker - Game Director, Game Designer, Game Developer - 

SquidMaker's Twitter

Oktosha - Gameplay Programmer 

Oktosha's Itch

Everett Fischer - Music and SFX Composer 

Everett Fischer's Itch  Everett Fischer's Youtube

Sugarssprout - Asset Creation + Visual Novel (Game) Specialist

Sugarssprout's Itch   Sugarssprout's Instagram

Clark N  - Game Artist, 

Clark N's Itch Clark N's Artstation

Mars - Gameplay UI Assets

Other Credits: 

All In 1 Sprite Shader by Seasside Studio


Inner Circle - PC - Ver 61 MB

Install instructions

-Download the .Zip file.

-Extract the .Zip

-Click 'Inner City.exe' (You may need to also do the option 'run anyway' too). 

-Play the game


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1 minute and 9 seconds my record, awesome game!


44 seconds was my best lol